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All the Internet Domain Names featured in our Gallery are available for sale - either individually or as a block purchase. We use - a leading domain sales platform provider - to enable the necessary administration involved with domain name purchases. If you are new to Buying or Selling Domain Names, we have some awesome tutorial videos about Internet Domains below.


We use Services - they act as a third party who hold funds for the Seller from the Domain Buyer to ensure fair play - they will help confirm the ownership of the Internet Domain for Sale. The default purchase currency is US$ and we prefer PayPal as the Merchant. We also use who offer payment in instalments which may be a better route for the more expensive Premium Domains that are in our Internet Domains For Sale Portfolio.

conflicting interests?

We are independent of all Domain Name Providers and Registrars and do not favour one over another. Transferring any purchased Domains to any other Domain Provider or Hosting Service is not a problem. However Power Comms has very competitive pricing for New Domain purchases or Domain Transfers and some special offers for Website Hosting which include Basic SEO and SSL

who are power comms?

Power Comms is our Webmaster and the owner of some of the Internet Domains we have for Sale.
They provide a simple WordPress based Website Creator package for only $300.(£250) suitable for Business or Tribute Websites.
Other Power Comms Services include a Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Service, Domain Purchase or Transfer, and a full range of Web Hosting Services through their online shop.

HOW MUCH DOES EACH DOMAIN NAME COST? 2022 price guide for our internet domain names


Minimum PRICE

$500 +


$2000 +


FAQs for domain name buyers

Most of the Internet Domain Names you see listed are from Power Comms clients who originally purchased the domains with a view either to starting a business or to protect existing business interests. We created this website to assist with promoting and marketing one or more of these internet domains for sale. This site is intended for the private sale or purchase of domains and is not intended for professional “domainers” – i.e. those who make a living through the marketing of Domain Names. 

There are a limited number of premium domain names available on the Internet, even though there are now more domain extensions available – see the relevant tutorial video below about Domain Name extensions. So there is no real guide to domain name valuations as such – see two more tutorial videos about How to Value a Domain below. The truth is that there is no magic guide, no magic formula which will tell you if you are paying too much or too little. The important thing about buying a domain name – if it is not publicly available, as for the Internet Domains we list for sale on this site – is that it meets your requirements for Branding, for your Business or for Investment – always remembering that your  own Domain Name is unique and irreplaceable.

The short answer is “No, they are not fixed, but they are  guideline prices which are subject to change”. Where we publish a “Buy Now” offer, we will honour that price.

The short answer is “Yes” particularly where there are two or more Internet Domain names connected by a theme. Any negotiation should start with an offer so that we can refer the offer to the owner where necessary.

Yes. We also provide a service for customers who wish us to promote their Internet Domain Names for sale through our Domains Gallery. Please check out our  Domain Name Broker Service.

We can also help with advice on building and maintaining new websites through our Webmaster – Power Comms – who designed and built this site for us. A new service just being promoted is for Tribute Websites, where a person or pet or event is commemorated.
Details of the Website Creator Service can be seen via the link. 

Power Comms also offer effective SEO – Search Engine Optimization – that actually works for Business and Private Customers

And the Power Comms online shop provides Domain Purchasing, Domain Transfers and a range of very competitive Web Hosting packages.

Just ask us if we can help, and we will respond to you with some options: if you want to use this site to feature some premium domains you own for onwards sale, without the hassle of creating your own showpiece, we can assist.

New to Buying Domain Names? Check out these great videos.

Now you have seen the Videos, check out our Internet Domains Portfolio

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