Because we recognise the importance of owning a domain name which ticks one or more of the following boxes:

  • Good for Branding
  • Ideal Business Name
  • Premium Domain Name (.com, .net, etc.)
  • Brand Protection
  • Suitable for longer term Investment

Most of the Internet Domain Names you see listed are from private clients who originally purchased these particular domains with a view either to starting a business or to protect existing business interests. We created this website to assist with promoting and marketing these internet domains for sale.

There are a limited number of premium domain names available on the Internet, even though there are now more domain extensions available – see the relevant tutorial video about Domain Name extensions. So there is no real guide to domain name valuations as such – see two more tutorial videos about How to Value a Domain on our Home Page.. The truth is that there is no magic guide, no magic formula which will tell you if you are paying too much or too little. The important thing about buying a domain name – if it is not publicly available, as for the Internet Domains we list for sale on this site – is that it meets your requirements for Branding, for your Business or for Investment – always remembering that your  own Domain Name is unique and irreplaceable.

The short answer is “Yes” particularly where there are two or more Internet Domain names connected by a theme. Any negotiation should start with an offer so that we can refer the offer to the owner where necessary.

Yes. We also provide a service for customers who wish us to promote their Internet Domain Names for sale through our Domains Gallery. Please check out our  Domain Name Broker Service.
Just ask us if we can help, and we will respond to you with some options: if you want to use this site to feature some premium domains you own for onwards sale, without the hassle of creating your own showpiece, we can definitely assist you.


Because we understand what is required to sell a Domain Name from scratch. You probably first chose to buy the Domain Name(s) for one of several original reasons, and now you want to sell it. Or you may have inherited the job from the Domain Owner{s) – i.e. you represent a third party who wishes you to sell the Domain(s) on his or her behalf.

There are two absolute priorities to consider when selling a Domain and Internetdomains.forsale provides solutions to both.

Domain Name Filtering
The Domain Name itself needs to be reasonably marketable and not too specific: for example thelazydog.co.uk  would be perfect for a Bar or Pub called “The Lazy Dog” in the UK but highly unlikely to be of interest to anyone else. We take this into account when promoting Domain Names on this site, so if accepted to our Broker Service, you already know that we believe that your Domain Name(s) has potential for Sale and we are happy to promote it along with the other domains we have listed in the Domains Gallery.

Good Marketing
If nobody knows about the existence of your Domain(s) how can you possibly sell it? And unless you have a particularly “hot” domain name for ad revenue or domain flipping  – see our Domain Video selections – with a limited budget and without a large portfolio (50+ domain names) you are limited in how you effectively market your Domain Name(s).
The good news is that we have done all the groundwork, we already have a decent portfolio of Domain Names, and we have the perfect URL to sell domain names in www.InternetDomains.forsale. We will be working hard on SEO to gain ranking position. So we offer a very economic solution with our Broker Service along with a good chance of finding a purchaser.

And finally, by joining our Broker Domain Service, any other marketing – either in place now or in the future – that you feel is necessary for your Domain Name is completely unaffected.

Our first piece of advice is not to believe that any Internet Domain Name can be valued – as opposed to  a second hand car, for example, where factors like mileage, appearance, make and model can all be factored together to give a pretty accurate valuation. Domain names are not like this. Every Domain Name is unique – this is the whole point of “how the internet address system works” – your address (Domain Name) is unique. For example, queen.london would be a great Domain Name to have as everyone knows who or what the Domain Name refers to. There would of course be issues with Branding etc. but it is a great example of how simple domain names can be very powerful.

Market Perceived Value
Perceived market place value is based upon experience, and historic transaction data for certain rare Domain Names which tick all the boxes for top pricing. For most Domain Names, this is not relevant.

Your Perceived Value
When you purchased your Domain Name(s), and assuming that it was purchased as an investment, you must have had your own idea about the Domain name value, either based upon your own experience, or a belief that there would be a demand for your Domain(s) at some point always providing it was marketed sufficiently well.

Actual Value
The simple truth is that your Domain Name is worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay you at any one moment. If your Domain Name(s) is a perfect match for a business, and the timing is right, or if another Domain Name investor (Domainer) has the same belief, then a sale is possible. Either way, you need to have your Domain name visible and marketed correctly.

Asking Price?
This is for you to decide, and you should inform us what Sale price should be used for each Domain you have listed with the InternetDomains.forsale website.  As explained above, we are not providing a valuation service and as long as we have accepted the Domain Name, the Sale Price or “Make an Offer” price is your decision. We will amend your promoted sales prices on request – normally within 24 hours.

The Domain Names we feature need to be priced from a minimum of $100, and so we need to filter out any Domains that are totally speculative and would be better suited in our view to Domain Auctions or possibly eBay – see also our Video on this.
Domain Auctions normally charge a listing fee and and a percentage of the sale price. Whilst we encourage you to consider Auctions, bear in mind that our “listing fee” of £10 or US $10 is for a 12 month period and provides active internet marketing and a great Landing Page. We encourage you to consider other Marketing or Promotion for your Domain(s) independently of our Broker Service – this is fine. 

When an offer is made on one of your Domain Names, we will inform you immediately by e-mail and put you directly in touch with the prospective buyer.
The negotiation is down to you. If you need further help at any stage in the transaction process, then e-mail us and let us know – we will help if we can.

Domain Validation
We encourage you to plan ahead for the sale, and for this you will need to make sure that you can provide proof of ownership of the Domain Name(s) – this can be done with the help of the Domain Registrar via CNAME or TXT records.

Personal Validation
You may well need to validate your personal standing and information with either escrow.com or PayPal.

Internetdomains.forsale prefers escrow.com for transactions, especially high value transactions.
If you do not yet have an account with one of these Merchants, we recommend that you open an account and begin the validation process, so that there is no unnecessary delay once your own negotiations are finalised for the agreed Sale Price of your Domain(s)