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We are selling and promoting Premium Internet Domain Names that we own and have collected over the past 15 years..

We are NOT Domain Registrars (see Wikipedia) who typically are "custodians" for domain names, and who are primarily responsible for an orderly market in domain name transfers and renewals. Of course Domain Registrars nowadays throw in domain hosting and other services to anchor their customer base and generate more revenue, but the "bottom line" is still the revenue generated by you or me renewing the Domain Name(s) we own. What is your experience of Domain Registrars? Please comment on our Blog below.

We purchased our first domain names about 15 years ago when it became apparent how important that the Internet would be for our telecommunication businesses and that the domain name should match our brand/company name as closely as possible: at the same time, it was logical to us that the Domain Names we bought should enable us to appeal to a global market for our Telecom businesses, so we focused on  .com and .net as well as .co.uk domain extensions.

It  became clear to us that we should also protect our brand names - in our case, we had two UK telecom businesses called easy-dial Ltd and Phonecard Services Ltd: we changed the trading name of Phonecard Services Ltd to justphone, and proceeded to buy all the domain names and extensions we thought we would need with the formats easy-dial and justphone. At the time, easyjet was just starting, and their trademark agents were looking to protect the brand easy , which brings us to the second reason to buy Domain Names - to protect your brand.

Once we had understood a little better the domain name market, we began to accumulate specific domain names for investment purposes, normally associated with other business ideas that we had. According to namePros - who seem to be genuinely independent and worth checking out - domain investors and/or speculators are now known as domainers
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So there you have it - the three reasons for Domain Ownership are business related, brand related and investment related, and we have used them all.

If you are interested in one or more of the Internet Domain Names listed in our Domain Name Gallery please use the Contact Form provided to register your interest and which Name (s) so we can start a dialogue to precede any sales negotiation. Please note that we are fully aware of  domain appraisal scammers. Please feel free to comment on our Selling Domains Blog below.. Or contact us with your comments at LinkedIn


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